Know Your Doctor

Hi, I am Dr. Manasi


Board-certified Dermatologist

Let me tell you a backstory to the title though. My tryst with skincare started awkwardly as a teenager, with a full face of acne and growing up in a traditional Indian home, naturally I first reached out to everything else before consulting a dermatologist. Let us just say, we learn from our mistakes. That is why I count upon my own experiences as my biggest driving force in helping others navigate through their skincare journey.

What makes the process more exciting is my personal love for skincare and my drive to help you achieve healthier skin. I do this by getting you to understand your skin and its needs better through a minimal, sustainable approach to skincare. One that helps you navigate through the overwhelming amount of information out there to get to your best skin, through evidence-based, scientific skincare advice.

Where did I start? Well, I did my MBBS from Topiwala National Medical College & B.Y. L. Nair Charitable Hospital in Mumbai, and my post-graduation in Dermatology (DDVL) from NKP Salve Medical College, Nagpur, where I topped the Maharashtra University. Today, I continue to learn through my consultations with my patients (over 5000 and counting).

And in my years of practice, if there is one thing that I have understood well, it is that a compromised skin condition can not only affect someone’s confidence, but also keep them in a state of discomfort until treated. Which is why I emphasise on the fact that since every skin is unique, therefore every line of treatment needs to be personalised to the patient.